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May 17 2018


Swimming Pool Water Features, Heating Options & Add-ons

Where is the best place to spend your summer? With your family and friends in your swimming pool! Is your swimming pool getting boring though? You can do excitement and fun to your pool by adding a pool water feature. A pool waterfall is one of the most entertaining pool water features that you can add to a pool. 

Add a pool water feature to your backyard. These water features are an excellent entertainment source and provide a unique place to cool off and relax. They also make for great conversation pieces at backyard events so your parties will never be quiet or dull again. Lounge by the pool while the kids and guests enjoy a splash off of a diving rock or slide down the custom water slide.

There are many ways you can make your pool water feature unique to your taste and style if you can find a contractor to custom design your pool water feature.Resort style pool water features don't have to be just for hotels and water parks! Residential properties and pool owners can have them too! Design your pool waterfallpool grotto or poolside cave to be the most perfect entertainment spot for your family and close ones to enjoy for a lifetime. 

Water jets are also a great feature to add to your pool. Who doesn't love a nice massage. Everyone will enjoy a free back and shoulder massage when they come to your pool. To get the full water action experience from your water feature, certainly add water jets.  

Installing a poolside cavegrotto or boulder waterfall is actually very affordable. But to make it affordable, it is important to find a company that offers custom designed pool water features.  It is important to add in all the features you desire like fall points and benches because dding in features to a water feature that is already built can be difficult and expensive. 

Heating Options are Always Recommended:

With swimming pools decreasing in price, many homeowners are adding these fantastic pool water features to their home. Whether it is an above ground pool or a below ground pool,  as long as you have deck or patio surrounding your pool, there is always a way to add a water feature to your poolside.

But, it is always important to remember to add a heating source to your pool in order to properly maintain it. Even in hot climates, swimming pools normally need some type of heating, and heating a pool can be expensive. It is possible to purchase solar collectors but that requires living in an area with at least 10 hours of sunlight. Installing heating sources in your pool can be very beneficial because you will enjoy your swimming pool more

The majority of pools are heated by gas boilers or by boilers using external LPG gas tanks. We recommend using LPG just for your pool boiler because it allows you to keep track of how much gas you're using. With this, you can also watch how much your pool is running up your bill. Thankfully, these affordable pool water features only require the electricity of a pump to power it. Another option is to use an in-ground heat converter 30 ft below your pool with a water pipe running through to heat it. this is the most attractive pool heater. These systems are not very expensive and should not be overlooked.

Which ever pool water feature you select for your home, always remember to add a heating source! Get in touch with a pool water feature contractor and start thinking about how you want to customize your pool water feature


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